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Good Thymes

Gluten Friendly Options

GLUTEN FRIENDLY SOUPS We use gluten free stocks for many of our soups and sauces. Ask your server if today's soup is of the gluten friendly variety. 
NATURALLY GLUTEN FRIENDLY OPTIONS The following dishes are some choices that are naturally gluten friendly items; house salad, Greek salad, Chicken Border salad, Rocket Beet salad, Beachy Greens, Grilled Harbour Chicken, Blackened Salmon, Grilled Chicken Baja, JD Back Ribs. 
MENU ITEMS THAT CAN BE ALTERED We do carry some gluten free products that can be substituted. For sandwiches we offer a gluten free Kaiser roll, for pizzas a gluten free crust and we do have gluten free chicken fingers available. With a slight alteration, many of our menu items can be prepared in a gluten friendly manner.