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A crisp, balanced taste with light body and exceptional clarity. Pint 7.00 Pitcher 23.50

Rickards Red
The Rickard’s original. With a slight hoppy bitterness, this full-flavoured medium-bodied ale features candy-like caramel malt sweetness and a signature red copper colour. Pint 7.00 Pitcher 23.50

Bud Light
Subtle fruity and citrus taste notes with a fast clean finish Pint 7.00 Pitcher 23.50

Alexander Keiths IPA
Keith’s IPA is a smooth golden ale with a flavor that encompasses subtle hints of black liquorice, with a slight sweetness and bitter finish. Pint 7.00 Pitcher 23.50

Belgian Moon
It's a Belgian style, cloudy, unfiltered wheat beer that has notes of coriander and citrus and is served with an orange wheel garnish. Pint 7.00 Pitcher 23.50

This elegant Belgian pale ale is one of the world’s best-selling beers. Its full characteristic flavor and high quality is assured through a superior brewing process by using the finest hops and malted barleys. Pint 8.50 Pitcher 27.50

Granville Island Cerveza
A sweet malted larger with hints of lemon citrus and subtle notes of white rum with a crisp finish. Pint 7.00 Pitcher 23.50

Stanley Park Sunsetter
This pale peach wheat ale is perfect for summer with bold citrus hops and a smooth finish Try our sunsetter float! Pint 7.00 Pitcher 23.50

Hop City Barking Squirrel
This premium lager has a distinct burnt orange colour and a subtle Noble hop aroma. Its medium-body, pleasant hop bitterness and caramel malt sweetness makes it drink-ably smooth Pint 7.00 Pitcher 23.50

Somersby $8.50 each
Crafted from apple juice and natural flavors, this sweet and fresh marvel forgoes artificial sweeteners, colours and flavors - served over ice.

Michelob Ultra
Superior light beer, golden in colour with a slight sweet citrus aroma and refreshing finish. Pint 7.50 Pitcher 26.00

Stanley Park 1897 Amber Ale
A medium bodied amber ale with a toasted malt and soft caramel aroma; subtle hop and slight notes of fruit and honey make this a timeless favorite. Pint 7.00 Pitcher 23.50