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Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Gt Caesar $7.25 each
1 oz Smirnoff Vodka, Clamato, traditional spices, garnished with fresh lime, celery, and our house made rimmer. – Pickle Caesar 7.75

The Gt Mexican Bulldog $11.75 each
Lime Margarita with an upside down Coronita. – For something different, try it with Peach Slush.

Raspberry Mojito $11.00 each
1½ oz Bacardi Rum, muddled mint, raspberry simple syrup and soda

Moscow Mule $10.00 each
1½ oz Smirnoff Vodka, freshly muddled mint, topped with Fever Tree ginger beer.

The Strawberry Manilow $10.00 each
1 oz vodka, ½ oz peach schnapps, strawberry simple syrup, sprite, soda, and lime juice topped with peach slush

Pink Whitney Lemonade $10.00 each
2oz Pink Whitney, raspberry simple syrup, lemonade, and soda. So good it's legendary.

Aperol Spritz $15.75 each
2oz Aperol, 3oz Martini Anti DOCG, and soda, finished with a orange wedge. – Refreshing summer drink!

Hendricks Sonic $9.25 each
1 oz Cucumber infused Gin with soda and tonic. Finished with a lime wedge and freshly sliced English cucumber

Gt Bellini $12.00 each
1oz Peach Ciroc blended with peach slush. Finished with prosecco and a drizzle of grenadine.

Chelada $12.00 each
GT Caesar mixed with a corona! 1oz Smirnoff Vodka, Clamato juice, traditional spices, garnished with fresh lime, and our house made rimmer topped with a coronita.

Dark 'N' Stormy $10.00 each
2oz Barcardi black rum, finished with Fever Tree ginger beer and fresh lime juice

Double Frozen Long Island $10.50 each
Our Long Island Iced Tea doubled up and finished with refreshing lime slush. An in-house favorite. Long Island... slush... mmmmmm! 2 oz

Dawn's Punch $9.25 each
Dawns famous punch with a twist! 1.5oz Vodka with her secret punch.

Tom Collins $7.00 each
1oz Gin, lemon mix, simple syrup, lemon wedge and cherry

Gt Mojito $10.00 each
1.5oz Beefeater gin, muddled mint, lime, sugar syrup finished with soda and a lime wedge.

Sangria $11.00 each
3oz of our house wine, 1.5oz sangria mix (vodka, peach schnapps, apricot brandy), orange juice, cranberry juice, ginger ale, lime juice, and berries – Available in red or white

Sunsetter Float $7.50 each
Refreshing way to let the sun go down on the weekend. Sunsetter draught topped with peach slush. 14oz

Margarita $9.00 each
1oz Tequila, 0.5oz Triple Sec,margarita mix, lime juice, and simple syrup. Garnished with salt, and a lime wedge.

Whiskey Sour $7.00 each
1oz Whiskey shaked on ice with lemon juice, simple syrup, and finished with a cherry.

Black Cherry Limeade $10.00 each
1oz Cherry Whisky, ½oz Lemon Gin, soda, sprite, topped with lime slush. You know what they say... of course you don't, that's why you need to try this!

Long Island $7.00 each
1 oz of Vodka, gin, rum, triple sec all mixed with coke, soda and a splash of lime juice.

Paralyzer $7.25 each
½oz Kahlua, ½ oz Vodka, and coke finished with a splash of milk.

Kiwi Sommersby $9.75 each
Sommersby Apple Cider with a kiwi twist. No reason to be sheepish here! 14 oz

Cruzan Blue $7.00 each
½oz Malibu Coconut Rum, ½oz Blue Curaçao, pineapple juice, and sprite. – Give our coco punch a try!