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Drink Specials at Good Thymes!

Jets Hockey Promo:
Every televised Jets Game we’ve got you covered with $5.00
off Beer Pitchers
(see server for details)

Daily Drink Specials:


That Lemonade Guy $8.75

2 oz Smirnoff vodka, fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup and finished with
soda... Think lemonade stand for adults!

Raspberry Mojito $8.75
1½ oz Bacardi Rum, fresh mint, raspberry simple syrup and soda.

Black Cherry Limeade $8.75
1oz Cherry Whiskey, ½oz Lemon Gin, soda, sprite, topped with lime slush. You
know what they say.. of course you don't, that's why you need to try this!

The Strawberry Manilow $8.75
1 oz vodka, ½ oz peach schnapps, Strawberry simple syrup, sprite, soda, and lime
topped with peach slush. Sounds like a singer I used to know.

Happy Hour All Night
Wondering what that means? Look to your right...

Doubles!!.......$1.50 Off
Your choice of Smirnoff Vodka, Weisers, Beefeater Gin, Bacardi Rum......
PLUS....all pints of draught $1.50 off. The original Hump Day cure!

Kiwi Sommersby $8.75
Sommersby Apple Cider with a kiwi twist. No reason to be sheepish here! 14 oz

Kiwi the Coconut $8.75
1 oz vodka, 1 oz Malibu, Kiwi and Coconut simple syrup, lime, sprite and soda.
Shimmy, Shimmy...

Double Ceaser $9.75
Smirnoff Vodka, Mott's Clamato, with fresh lime, celery, and the best rimmer on a glass you've ever had! We almost guarantee it. 2 oz

Dawn's Punch $8.25
Dawns famous punch with a twist! 1½ oz Vodka with her secret punch.

Sangria Saturdays
Enjoy it by the glass, or maybe a litre carafe, because sharing is caring! $9/glass,
or $21/litre carafe.

Pitchers Of Beer $21
Pitchers of domestic draught. Domestication never tasted so good! 60 oz

*All cocktails made with minimum 1.5 oz. alcohol.
*Prices do not include applicable taxes.